Monday, 5 December 2011

MacDougall's results for Russian Art Week

MacDougall Auctions maintains its leader position in Russian art selling paintings, icons and works of art for over 12m GBP. The painting Merchant’s Wife , by Boris Kustodiev, sold for over 1.8m GBP, making it one of the three most expensive lots of London's Russian Week. A new world record was set for the avant-garde artist Aleksandr Volkov whose painting Listening to the Bedana was sold for 909,000 GBP. Among other top lots sold were works by Ivan Aivazovsky for 782,000 GBP, Michail Nesterov for 597,000 GBP and Aleksei Savrasov for 498,000 GBP. A stage design by Leon Bakst sold for 850,000 GBP, the most expensive work on paper of the week, and over 20 times its estimate. The Russian Icons auction raised a further 834,000 GBP; MacDougall’s is the only auction house in the world who holds a regular specialised icons sale.
William MacDougall commented: “We are very pleased with the results which prove that the Russian art market continues to be very strong”. 
Part I: Important Russian Art                                  8,872,505                                 
Part II: Russian Classic and Contemporary Art    2,315,638
Russian Icons and Works of Art                               834,255
TOTAL                                                                  12,022,398 

Top Lots Lot 10 Nesterov, 597,000 GBP
Lot 12 Volkov, 909,000 GBP
Lot 14 Kustodiev, 1,840,000 GBP
Lot 27 Aivasovsky, 782,000 GBP
Lot 33 Savrasov, 498,000 GBP
Lot 401 Bakst, 850,000 GBP
Lot 513 Icon, 224,700 GBP 

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