Friday, 2 December 2011

SCRSS Lecture: Russian and Soviet Avant-Garde Art 1900-1935

Illustrated Lecture: Russian and Soviet Avant-Garde Art 1900-1935 by Christine Lindey
Friday 2 December 7pm

Early 20th-century artists such as Goncharova, Kandinsky and Malevich created modernist art that challenged late Tsarism's aesthetic, political and social norms. In the Bolshevik era artists such as Tatlin, Popova and Rodchenko put avant-garde art at the service of the Revolution by applying modernist aesthetics to the production of textile designs, ceramics, posters and illustrations for the benefit of the working class. This illustrated lecture will explore the social, political and aesthetic debates that underlay this vibrant period in Russian and Soviet art and design. 

The Society for Co-operation in Russian and Soviet Studies (SCRSS) is a unique educational centre, based in London, which aims to promote knowledge of the culture, language and history of Russia and the former Soviet Union.
The Society caters for students, teachers, researchers, designers and all other individuals interested in Russia. It offers a library, archive and unique photographic collection. It also organises lectures, film shows and exhibitions, and facilitates professional contacts between individuals and organisations in Russia and the United Kingdom. The Society is a registered charity.

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