Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Alexander Rodchenko at Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome

Aleksandr Rodchenko was undoubtedly one of the main generators of this creative and intellectual season, reflecting the spirit and the mythical aura.
Design, theater, painting, film, graphics and photography are subject areas in which the exceptional talent of this fascinating figure artist was confronted, opening up new creative paths for the subsequent development of each of them.
Alexander Rodchenko Portrait of mother (1924)
It was in 1924 that Rodchenko concentrated its main focus on photography, with the result of producing a vigorous change.
From a simple mean of recording reality, photography became a medium for dynamic representation of intellectual constructs, introducing principles of constructivist ideology.
The "Method Rodchenko," which included the use of diagonal compositions, progressive blurs, turned with time into a repertoire of "rhetorical devices" available to those artists who, by adopting the language of constructivism, believed in the possibility of a better transformation of the world's civilization.
Lilya Brik in Alexander Rodchenko’s poster for the Soviet publisher Gosizdat, 1924  
Mostra organizzata da Moskow House of Photography Museum 
A cura di Olga Sviblova 
11 ottobre 2011 - 8 gennaio 2012

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