Saturday, 11 February 2012

CONF: Legacies of Russian Avant-Garde at Columbia, 24-25th Feb

Conference: Legacies of the Russian Avant-Garde 
The Harriman Institute, Columbia University
Friday, 24 February 2012–Saturday, 25 February 2012 
Room 1501, International Affairs Building 

This conference brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars, poets, and artists, to re-examine the story of the Russian avant-garde. The panels, talks, and screenings will treat seminal and lesser-known works from a wide range of media, including literature, the visual arts, architecture, dance, film, and theater. Key issues to be explored will be the formation of the historical avant-garde; its appropriation by both official and dissident culture; avant-garde theory; and the Russian avant-garde’s dissemination abroad. By examining the seemingly paradoxical "traditions" of the avant-garde, we hope to raise broader questions about art practice and the cultural heritage of the twentieth century.

Participants: Arnold Aronson (Columbia), John Bowlt (USC), Svetlana Boym (Harvard), Devin Fore (Princeton), Boris Gasparov (Columbia), Nina Gourianova (Northwestern), Boris Groys (NYU), Tim Harte (Bryn Mawr), Valentina Izmirlieva (Columbia), Dragan Kujundzic (U of Florida), Mark Lipovetsky (U of Colorado at Boulder), Ronald Meyer (Columbia), Nicoletta Misler (Istituto Universitario Orientale), Catharine Nepomnyashchy (Columbia)
Eugene Ostashevsky (NYU), Harsha Ram (Berkeley), Masha Salazkina (Concordia), Yuri Shevchuk (Columbia), Nariman Skakov (Stanford), Tatiana Smoliarova (Columbia), Rebecca Stanton (Columbia), Malynne Sternstein (U of Chicago), Cristina Vatulescu (NYU), Matvei Yankelevich (Ugly Duckling Presse).

The Harriman Institute at Columbia University is the oldest academic institution in the United States devoted to the study of the countries of the former Soviet Union, East Central Europe and the Balkans. Their mission is to serve our large and diverse community at the university and beyond by supporting instruction and dialogue, sponsoring vibrant, multidisciplinary events that bring together their extraordinary resources of faculty, students, and alumni. Most importantly, they are committed to training the next generation of regional specialists to play leadership roles in setting the academic and scholarly agenda, making policy and challenging accepted truths about how we study our rapidly changing world.

Conference Program- download PDF

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