Thursday, 12 April 2012

CFP: Russia’s Great War and Revolution, 1914–1922

Russia’s Great War and Revolution, 1914–1922:
The Centennial Reappraisal

If you are a professional historian or graduate student doing high-quality research on any aspect of Russia’s history between 1914 and the early 1920s, please contact us now.

We are an international collective of over 40 Russian, American, British and other scholars, and we aim to maximise the use of archival resources to produce a comprehensive scholarly reappraisal of Russia’s world-changing experience of war and revolution between 1914 and the early 1920s, 100 years after the events themselves.

Taking the period 1914-22 as a continuum of conflict, we have identified five core organizational themes for analysis: military affairs; international affairs; the home front; the empire; and culture. Particular concerns are to extend our knowledge of Russia’s Great War, which has been overshadowed in the historiography by the 1917 revolutions and their aftermath, and to explore how the Great War experience helped to shape Russia’s development between 1917 and the early 1920s.

The resultant series of about a dozen books will be fully peer-reviewed and available in both printed and electronic forms. The audiences are professional historians, graduate students and senior-level undergraduate students. Publication is scheduled for 2014–2017.

Additionally, we are developing a permanent public website for non-scholarly audiences, especially high schools, that will have accessible digests of our chapters together with illustrations, maps and selected source documents.
Our books and website will be published in English and, subject to funding, in Russian.

The series editors are:
Professor David McDonald, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Dr John Steinberg, Georgia Southern University, USA
Dr Anthony Heywood, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
For further information please click on the link.

If you are interested in contributing a chapter, contact us now by email. Please put the acronym RGWR in the subject line and send this information to the series editors:
* your full name, title and institutional affiliation
* your email address
* a short description of your proposed chapter (150 words)
* the title of your proposed chapter

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