Friday, 6 April 2012

JOB: NY times seeks Moscow reporter

Primary responsibilities for the Moscow bureau researcher/reporter include
aiding correspondents in news gathering and interviews; providing fixing and
translation services; writing breaking news articles for the web. Candidates
must have a high level of proficiency in Russian and preferably fluency in
English. He or she should be able to quickly translate documents from
Russian into English and conduct interviews in Russian and English.

A strong aptitude for sifting through information and identifying news
stories is important. The bureau researcher/reporter should be able to draw
information from a variety of sources, including online and traditional news
media, television, bloggers/tweeters and human sources.

The bureau researcher/reporter will write breaking news articles that appear
on and later work with correspondents on next-day stories that
appear in the International Herald Tribune and the New York Times.  The
researcher/reporter will have the ability to travel for stories if required.
There will be significant opportunity to grow within the bureau.

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