Monday, 2 April 2012

Russian Academy of Arts Summer School in St Petersburg

The Repin Art Institute (The Russian Academy of Arts) is announcing a new program — The Summer School.

It will be run directly at the premises of the Repin Institute, in the workshops of well known professors of the Academy. There will be 2 sessions with 4 weeks duration: June 1-29 and July 2-27, with the total of 100 academic hours.

The program is concentrated on providing an intensive course on classical drawing and painting to students of intermediate level. At the end of the program an official certificate is awarded to all the students who successfully complete the program. The Certificate is signed by the Provost and the Institute Board of Professors, listing total hours, disciplines and amount of credits, printed in Russian and English. 

Program Description 
The program duration is 4 weeks: 
- June Session (1-29 June 2012), or 
- July Session (2-27 July 2012)
5 academic hours a day, 5 times a week;
Total amount of hours: 100 hours
Total amount of students in a group: minimum 14, maximum 16.
At this time one group is recruiting English speaking students, another group is set up for Russian graduate students (Advanced Training Program). A third group is intended for international students who speak Chinese (interpreter is provided as well).

The program is concentrated on studying classical drawing and painting. The program and its time frame are offered exactly the way as it was traditionally taught at the Academy:
10.00am - 11.45am – Drawing
12.15pm - 3.00pm – Painting
Materials, techniques, class duration
Portrait Drawing – paper, pencil, 50x40 sm = 14 hours
Nude Figure Drawing – paper, pencil, 60x40 sm = 22 hours
Portrait Painting – oil, canvas, 50x40 sm = 21 hours
Nude Figure Painting – oil, canvas, 60x45 sm = 33 hours

Here is the link to the Summer School website:
Please contact:
Liana Solonkina
Summer School Manager
Repin Art Institute
+7 (921) 317-9890

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